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Monday, November 4, 2013

 Don’t lose the job because of the way you dress!!!

 Ever wondered why you didn't get the job? Maybe it was your dressing!!! Many HR companies name improper dressing as one of the reason you might not pass the job interview. From your hair to your clothes, and your shoes, all of these will be used as indices to evaluate your self-confidence, self-care and self-worth. In brief, the interviewer will have a positive or negative impression of you depending on your appearance.
We've assembled a couple of tips to help you dress right for the job and shoot your way into the interviewer’s heart.

  • ·         Are you going for a top executive or management role? Then you need to “look the part”! Dressing up in a high quality suit which fits you perfectly is really good business. It also makes you feel good and very much confident about yourself. Put a smile on your face and walk through that door with your impeccable dressing.
  • ·         If the organization has a dress code, you’ll need to appear in it. This also involves you doing some research about the organization you wish to work for prior to the interview date. That’s even the first thing to do if you really want to land yourself a job at the company. Put on the colourful tie and walk through that door full of confidence...You’re on the right track.
  • ·         As a woman, your makeup and jewelry shouldn't be too conspicuous. Heels aren't a so bad idea, but you must be able to walk on them comfortably. You skirt and your top or blouse shouldn't be revealing. It may be seen by the interviewer as a means of seduction.
  • ·         For you the man, a proper shave with a little smear of after shave enhances your image. You might go for beards but make sure it’s properly trimmed.
  • ·         As for briefcases and hand bags, make sure they are “smart” and organized. A well organized accessory reflects self-organization; and that’s what the interviewer wishes to see. Perfumes and deodorants should be worn sparingly as it might have adverse effects in a small interview room.

Now “you look the part”, just left for you to show you can “act the part.” So, what are you waiting for? Visit and upload your CV to start receiving job alerts directly to your email.

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  1. that's really true. I very much agree knowing your dressing code is the first step to winning that job. Great article Anre