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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tips on Writing a Star Quality CV

I have done a lot of research on how to write a resume, and have been fortunate to get a response back from HR managers when I turn in my resume for jobs that I am seeking. Today I want to share some do's and dont's for your own stand out CV. 

Avoid over used words on your resume
Recently Linkedin posted an article on 10 overused words on resumes. A few were dynamic, innovative, and team player. The job market is extremely competitve and using these words will just throw you in the "do not contact" pile.
Use active words on your resume
It is very common to see resumes that use "responsible for ..." or "assisted in". Instead replace there words with orchestrated, analyze, or colloborate. To find more power words for your resume go here.
Do not make a one size fit all resume
Craft each resume to fit the job description you are applying for. HR managers can tell when you use a resume that has been sent out to other companies, and it shows a lack of personality.
Make sure to add keywords
When you create a resume for a job you are applying for look at the key words that are in the job description and make sure to fit those words into your own resume. You can use programs such as woordle to do a word cloud analysis to see if your resume has smilar keywords to the job description. Lack of keywords in your resume may stop your resume from getting past the automated computer that looks for candidates.
Highlight your accomplishments 
Make sure to clearly state accomplishments you have made for each company you have worked for in the past. Do not just list job duties on your resume.
Check over your resume for grammatical errors
As silly as this may sound, many people have grammatical errors on their resume. Look for an typos and read aloud your resume. You may hear a sentence or two that does not sound right.
Quantify your accomplishments 
There is a clear difference from writing on your resume " increased our sales" versus "increased our sales by 50%". Using numbers can be very powerful on a resume.
The right resume is a step in the right direction for a great career. If you have any more questions, or need help on your resume, email us at 


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